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Our 4th annual Mardi Gras Mambo NCAA Softball Tournament was more efficient than ever before, largely in thanks to i2 Tickets. 10 NCAA Women’s Softball teams from around the country compete in a 3-day tournament and ticketing has always been a difficult hurdle for us. i2 was able to solve all problems and more for us this year. We were even able to offer a weekend pass for the first time, which became our biggest seller. Their customer service is second to none – i2 even provided on-site staff. Our only regret is not finding them sooner!

Josh Smith
Youngsville Sports Complex

Create & Manage Events

Effortlessly set up and customize your events with our intuitive tools. Adapt to changes with flexible rescheduling and ensure attendees are always informed. Enhance the experience with versatile ticketing options, from single-entry tickets to multi-use passes, all manageable through our user-friendly platform.


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Set ticket prices, customize with your branding and add custom fields. Increase revenue by taking advantage of sponsorship opportunities.


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Increase revenue with sponsorship opportunities

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Reserved Seating

Add your venues to your account and easily manage events across multiple locations.


Sell reserved seats by integrating your custom seat map for athletic events, fundraisers, performances and more.

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Our QR code scanners streamline event entry, validating digital tickets with a simple scan. They reduce wait times, enhance security, and improve the guest experience. Equip your venue with our reliable scanners and transform the way you manage admissions.

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